Air Con Maintenance, Service and Repair


Recent changes to F-Gas Regulation mean air conditioning units with at least 3kg of refrigerant must be inspected every year. Are you complying to your statutory check? Do you know how much refrigerant is in your system? Call SouthTest now on 07999 33 69 33 for a quick quote.


Regular, scheduled service known as PPM (or Planned Preventive Maintenance) must be carried out to keep air conditioning equipment in top working order, optimising its accuracy and efficiency. Preventive maintenance reduces any possibility of equipment failing before they actually do, and enhances the reliability of equipment by replacing any worn components prior to them failing.


The undertaking includes regular and routine cleaning, calibrating & adjusting, lubricating, testing, and, where necessary, replacing components and avoiding breakdown. The capability and thorough training of SouthTest staff ensures your unit’s equipment is operated with optimum efficiency and its life expectancy is stretched to its maximum potential.


Filter Cleaning
Filters must be regularly cleaned and replaced to keep your air conditioning system working quietly and efficiently. Commercial and domestic customers can take advantage of our maintenance contracts which include inspection, cleaning and replacing.



Emergency Repair and Call Outs
We support all air conditioning maintenance contract customers with a comprehensive 24 hour/365 day telephone and call out service to contracted and non-contracted customers. Call now on 07999 33 69 33 or fill out ou contact form and we’ll call you right back.


Our PPM contracts, entail the following aspects:
• Maintenance visit times suitable to you, the client
• Detailed inspection
• Test and cleaning of systems
• General maintenance work
• Every visit completed with engineer’s report and recommendations
• Priority scheduling of repair/service calls

Key goals of PPM air conditioning maintenance contracts:
• Unit life longevity
• Energy efficiency to save money and lessen environmental impact
• To optimise up-time
• Improve air quality and comfort
• Comply to the latest F-Gas regulation
• Reduce any risk of breakdown and thus or replacement costs




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